Branding: the essential step for a successful company

Think of the best way to attract customers to your business. Is your idea enough to also generate in them a true sense of trust towards your brand ? Let's face it, these days, it costs a lot more to stay than to arrive. And that your clients feel comfortable in your company, want to repeat, recommend your services and, above all, be faithful to your business concept and feel part of it is based on a single word: branding .

A good branding job will be essential to keep your company on top, turn it into a leader and make it more stable and competitive . But where do you start? In a world where everything is volatile and globalized, marketing takes on more value than ever.

What is branding?

The term branding refers to the brand management process through which its values , its positioning and its interest by the consumer are worked on. It is about making your brand appear interesting to future potential customers and, also, arouse sympathy in them. Branding is the happy face of marketing, which aims to create positive feelings among users so that they feel comfortable and safe interacting with your business.

Specialized in communication , at Lacomonline we study the case of each of our clients in a personalized way to establish the best brand strategy and adapt to their possibilities. It is important to know that branding is not only applicable to recently created companies, but that this process is also used in brand relaunches of companies that already existed but did not finish fitting or had become obsolete and that after the change have been successful results .

Also, you don't need to have a large company to build a strong and sustainable brand identity . All businesses, including the smallest ones, need good corporate endorsement so that customers perceive that they have reason to believe in and support them.

How is branding built and what are its results?

The main objective is to create brand equity . That is, just by seeing our brand, customers prefer our services to those of the competition. To do this, you not only have to create an attractive name and a logo that makes an impact, although this is hard work, especially to capture in a single image a direct message that communicates the entire experience behind it.

To awaken the desire to consume among users, we must meet their expectations , offer a good product and know how to sell it. And that depends on the creativity with which we prepare and apply the branding process through the construction of a powerful corporate identity based on our target audience and our commercial purposes.

For this, it is important to:

  • Analyze our product .
  • Know how to distinguish the potential customer.
  • Know the market .
  • Highlight what differentiates us from the rest.
  • Know how to communicate it through a direct marketing plan.

And a large part of this communication is done through advertising (both free and paid) through all the channels that we can according to the budget we have: online ( own website, Google Ads, social networks, media ) and via face (through street actions, billboards, buses and any support permitting). The important thing is that, depending on how much we can invest in the branding campaign, it is as close to our business as possible and as direct and effective as possible.

Some actions within branding carry more cost than others, but all are important to generate interest and that potential customers associate our brand with positive experiences. That they want to include it in their life. That they choose us.

And during the positioning process, an exhaustive control and monitoring of the campaign will be essential to see if our message is being transferred appropriately or if the strategy must be redirected. We want to create a positive brand personality and for customers to have a sense of belonging to it.

With a solid foundation, brand values created and user interest aroused, it will also be easier to compete in the market through a personal and unique line. It is about our brand awakening emotions in potential customers and that just by listening to it, optimistic, concrete and attractive messages come to their minds.